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Nedenfor bringes der løbende links til dokumenter og in-depth artikler på
internationale websites med relation til temaerne "kampen om kloden" og
"global geopolitik".

Uge 13
Full Text: Vision and actions on jointly building Belt and Road. Issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, with State Council authorization, Beijing, March 2015, Xinhua, March 28, 2015,


Uge 9

William R. Polk: Ukraine: A Cuban Missile Crisis in Reverse, Ron Paul Institute, 24. februar 2015,

Uge 8
Alexander Mercouris: Merkel in Moscow and Minsk: Der Spiegel Says Putin Has Won, Russia Insider, 18. februar 2015,
Uge 6
Artyom Lukin: Mackinder Revisited: Will China Establish Eurasian Empire 3.0? China has emerged as a new contender for control over Mackinders "Heartland". The Diplomat, 8. februar 2015,
Uge 5
Swati Arun: The Return of Realpolitik. Geopolitics was back with a vengeance last year, The Diplomat, 27. januar 2015,
Uge 52
Francis P. Sempa: The Geopolitical Vision of Alfred Thayer Mahan. One hundred years later, the insights of the American strategist continue to have extraordinary relevance today, The Diplomat, 30. december 2014,

Dimitri Trenin: Russia's New Military Doctrine Tells It All, Carnegie Moscow Center, 29. december 2014,
Uge 51
Benjamin Weingarten: The Colder War: 10 key principles to Vladimir Putins grand strategy for Russia, The Blaze, 19. december 2014,
Uge 50
Raymond Smith: From Da to Nyet: How U.S. Diplomacy Helped Transform Russia from Potential Ally into Strategic Adversary, The National Interest, 9. december 2014,

Uge 49
John Pilger: War by media and the triumph of propaganda,, 5. december 2014,

Uge 49
Melkulangara Bhadrakumar: Russia Confronts US' Containment Strategy, Strategic Culture Foundation, 6. december 2014,
Uge 46
Zorawar Daulet Singh: Eurasian consoldation and India's policy, Asia Times, 14. november 2014,

Dan Blumenthal, Eddie Linczer: Tale of the Tape: Comparing Chinese and American Strategies in Asia, The National Interest, 10. november 2014,
Uge 43:
Vladimir Putin's Speech at the Meeting of the Valdain International Discussion Club, 24. oktober 2014,
Uge 36-39:
Paul J. Saunders (Ed.): Costs of a New Cold War: The U.S.-Russia Confrontation over Ukraine, Center for the National Interest, September 2014,
Uge 36
John J. Mearsheimer: Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West's Fault. Liberal Delusions That Provoked Putin, Foreign Affairs, sept/okt. 2014,
Uge 31
Dimitri Trenin: Europe's Nightmare Coming True: America vs. Russia... Again, The National Interest, 29. juli 2014, 

Matthew Dal Santo: Germany's Fatal Flaw: Strategic Blindness, The National Interest, 28. juli 2014,


The Integration of Halford Mackinder's "World Island" (Asia, Europe, Africa) by China?

China's Silk Road Strategy Mapped

Map from

The land-based New Silk Road will start in central China and run southwest from Central Asia to northern Iran before turning west through Iraq, Syria, and Turkey toward Europe. There the Silk Road route goes through Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Germany, where it swings north to Rotterdam in the Netherlands and then south to Italy where it meets the Maritime Silk Road.

The Maritime Silk Road will begin in Quanzhou in Fujian province, go through a number of cities before heading south to the Malacca Strait. From Kuala Lumpur, it heads to India and Kenya, then goes north around the Horn of Africa and moves through the Red Sea into the Mediterranean, with a stop in Athens before meeting the land-based Silk Road in Venice. This Xinhua map does not include a stop in Sri Lanka, though they are supposed to be part of the Maritime Silk Road.

Map from


Uge 29

Mohan Malik: China and Strategic Imbalance. 'This is the decade of power transitions in Asia', The Diplomat, 14. juli 2014,

Uge 21
Clifford G. Gaddy and Garry W. Ickes: Ukraine: A Prize Neither Russia Nor the West Can Afford to Win, Brookings Institute, 22. maj 2014, 

Chinese narratives absent in global strategic thinking, Global Times, 22. maj 2014,

Uge 17
Robert W. Merry: America: Choose Your Enemies Wisely, The National Interest, 22. april 2014,
Uge 15
John J. Mearsheimer: Can China Rise Peacefully?, The National Interest, 8. april 2014,
Uge 14
Greg R. Lawson: Avoiding America's Ultimate Geopolitical Nightmare, The National Interest, 2. april 2014,

Uge 13
Clifford A. Kiracofe: Freezing out Russia will prove pointless, Global Times, 27. marts 2014,
Andranik Migranyan: A Way Out of the Ukraine Crisis, National Interest, 27. marts 2014,
Uge 12
Vladimir Putin: Address by President of the Russian Federation, The Kremlin, Moscow, 18. marts 2014,

Uge 3
Yo-Jung Chen: China's Westward Strategy, The Diplomat, 15. januar 2014,

Uge 1
Eric Margolis: World Danger Spots 2014,, 4. januar 2014, 

John J. Mearsheimer: America Unhinged, The National Interest, 2. januar 2014,

Uge 47
Fyodor Lukyanov: Russia: Shifting the Focus from Europe to Asia, Rianovosti, 18. november 2013, 
Uge 44
Ankit Panda: China's Pivot West, The Diplomat, 29. oktober 2013,
Uge 38
Trefor Moss: History Wars: A Long View of Asia's Territorial Disputes, The Diplomat, 15. september 2013,
Uge 30
Eric Margolis: Japan Must Face Up To China, EricMargolis.com

Richard N. Haass: What International Community?, Counsel on Foreign Relation (CFR), 24. juli 2013,
Uge 29
Brendan O'Reilly: Chinese navy powers into new waters, Asia Times, 17. juli 2013,
Uge 25

Wenfang Tang, Michael S. Lewis-Beck, and Nicholas F. Martini: Government for the People in China? Surveys belie claims that Chinese are becoming fed up with their government, The Diplomat, 17. juni 2013,

Uge 13
Dimitri K. Simes: Beijing and Moscow, Friends Again, The National Interest, 26. marts 2013,
Uge 3
James R. Holmes: Machiavelli's Paradox, The Diplomat, 18. januar 2013,
Eric Margolis: On to Timbuktu II, 18. januar 2013,
Michael Stürmer: In Mali geht es um eine Kernfrage der Geopolitik, Die Welt, 14. januar 2013,
Uge 50
Stephen M. Walt discusses American alliances in Asia, U.S. - China relations, Iran and more, The Diplomat, 14. december 2012,
Uge 43
Kenneth M. Pollack: Reading Machiavelli in Iraq, The National Interest, 24. oktober 2012,
Uge 40
Wang Jisi: "Marching Westwards": The Rebalancing of China's Geostrategy, International and Strategic Studies, No. 73, 7. oktober 2012.2012,
Uge 37
The Interview: Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Diplomat, 10. september 2012,
Uge 36
Putin: Using Al-Qaeda in Syria like sending Gitmo inmates to fight (EXCLUSIVE), interview med Vladimir Putin på RT (Russia Today), 6. september 2012,
Brendan O'Reilly: Clinton brush off marks new Sino-US rivalry, Asia Times Online, 7. september 2012,
Uge 34
Robert W. Merry: The China Challenge, The National Interest, 21. august 2012,
Uge 31
George Friedman: The Election, the Presidency and Foreign Politic, STRATFOR Global Intelligence, 31. juli 2012,
Gregg Jaffe: U.S. model for a future war fans tensions with China and inside Pentagon, Washington Post, 2. august 2012,
Uge 29

David Vine: U. S. Empire of Bases Grows - The Lily-Pad Strategy,, 18. juli 2012,,_u.s._empire_of_bases_grows/

Uge 27
Kenneth Waltz on "Why Iran Should Get the Bomb", The Diplomat, 8. juli 2012,

Uge 23
Ian Bremmer: Coping with a G-Zero World, The Diplomat, 4. juni 2012,

Uge 21
Eric Margolis: Facing the writing on the wall in Kabul, 26. maj 2012,
Uge 17
F. William Engdahl: China's Land Bridge to Turkey creates new Eurasian Geopolitical Potentials, 28. april 2012,
Uge 14
Kenneth Lieberthal & Wang Jisi: Addressing U.S.-China Strategic Distrust, Brookings Institution, Washington/Institute for International and Strategic Studies, Peking University, marts 2012,
Uge 11
CFR Convenes Council of Councils Linking Leading Foreign Policy Institutes From Around the World, Council on Foreign Relations, 12. marts 2012,
Uge 10
Pepe Escobar: Why Putin is driving Washington nuts, Asia Times Online, 9. marts 2012,
Uge 7
Zbigniew Brzezinski: How the U.S. Can Secure the New East, The Diplomat, 16. februar 2012,

Uge 6
M. K. Bhadrakumar: Run-up to proxy war over Syria. "Russia and China's double veto of the Arab League resolution on Syria in the United Nations Security Council constitutes a watershed event". Asia Times Online, 7. februar 2012,
Uge 4
Matthias Nass: Mach's gut, Europa! "Am Pazifik hat ein neues Wettrüsten begonnen. Alle stellen sich darauf ein, dass aus wirtschaftlichem Wettbewerb und politischem Ringen militärische Rivalität werden kann. Europa hingegen, im Kalten Krieg Zentrum aller Spannungen, liegt heute am Rande des machtpolitischen Kräftemessens. Zeit Online, 23. januar 2012,
Uge 3
Elmar Brok (interview): "US-Kräfte haben uns den Währungskrieg erklärt". "Die Solidarität der USA gegenüber Europa verfolgte immer auch Eigeninteressen. Außerdem gibt es innerhalb der US-Regierung seit langem schon zwei Lager. Das State Department ist für ein geeintes Europa. Andere Ministerien verfolgen hingegen nach wie vor das Ziel divide et impera  teile und herrsche. Denen ist ein geteiltes, weniger einflussreiches Europa lieber". Die Welt Online, 16. januar 2012,

Uge 1
Max Fisher: 6 Lessons of Obama's New Pentagon Plan for American Foreign Policy. "The Obama administration's new plan for reducing Defense Department spending by $450 billion in the years ahead will not dramatically transform much of anything". The Atlantic, 7. januar 2012,

Jamal Wakim: Syria: Heart of a global struggle? "We need to see this confrontation in Syria as part of a bigger confrontation between a coalition of continental powers on the one hand  which includes Russia, China and Iran  confronting a coalition of maritime powers  including the United States, Western Europe and Turkey. The main scene of confrontation is the Middle East, and the core of the Middle East is Syria, for the time being. So we cannot isolate what is going on there from the bigger perspective". RT, 7. januar 2012,

Uge 32
Hauke Friederichs/Steffen Richter: Das grosse Machtspiel auf dem Pazifik, Die Zeit, 12. august 2011,
Uge 36
Full Text: China's Peaceful Development. The Information Office of the State Council, China's cabinet, on Tuesday published a white paper on China's peaceful development. Xinhua, 6. september, 2011:
Uge 40
Vladimir Putin: A new integration project for Eurasia. The future in the making. "A crucial integration project, the Common Economic Space of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan (CES), will kick off on January 1, 2012. This project is, without exaggeration, a historic milestone for all three countries and for the broader post-Soviet space". Artikel offentliggjort i Izvestija, 4. oktober 2011, engelsk oversættelse:
Uge 41
Hillary Clinton: America's Pacific Century. "The future of politics will be decided in Asia, not Afghanistan or Iraq, and the United States will be right at the center of the action". Foreign Policy, November 2011:
Uge 42
Pepe Escobar: The US power grab in Africa. "Italian geographer and political scientist Manlio Dinucci is one of the few to point out how neo-colonialism 2.0 works; one just needs to look at the map. In Central Africa, the objective is US military supremacy - on air and in intel - over Uganda, South Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo". Asia Times Online, 21. oktober 2011:
Uge 43
Firoze Manji: US Sends Troops To Uganda - Is It About The Oil? The Real News Network, 27. oktober 2011:

Eric Margolis: Into Darkest Africa, October 29, 2011: "Washington may get sucked into a complex, turbulent region in which it has no real strategic interests other than the lust for energy and a knee-jerk reaction to anything Islamic".

Uge 44
Lauren Goodrich: Russia: Rebuilding an Empire While It Can. "The concern is whether the reset is truly a shift in relations between the two former adversaries or simply a respite before relations deteriorate again". Stratfor. Global Intelligence, 31. oktober 2011:
James R. Holmes: Mutual Dependence and War, The Diplomat, 4. november 2011:

Uge 45
Fyodor Lukyanov: North Stream and the future of Russian energy policy. "The pipeline has been launched amid growing Russian debate about the energy sectors development strategy, in particular a balance between its Asian and European vectors". RIA Novosti, 10. november, 2011:

Uge 46
Video: George Friedman and Robert Kaplan discuss China's naval expansion & its threat to U.S. dominance, George Friedman and author and foreign affairs expert Robert Kaplan agree on Chinas ambition, but have very different views on its geopolitical impact. A STRATFOR Conversation, 15. november 2011:
Uge 48
Sir Malcolm Rifkind: Europe Grapples with U.S. Pivot. "European nations will have to get used to the U.S. paying more attention to Asia, says Sir Malcolm Rifkind. It doesnt have to be a bad thing". The Diplomat, 1. december 2011,
Niccolò Locatelli: Obama and China: 21st Century containment in three moves. "Sino-US relations are based on mutual mistrust". Heartland, 2. december 2011,
Uge 49
M. K. Bhadrakumar: Bear nettles the eagle, dragon smiles. "It's not about 'democracy', it's Putin, stupid!". Asia Times Online, 10. december 2011,
Uge 50
Scott Stewart: The Syria Crises: Assessing Foreign Intervention. "We therefore would like to examine more closely the potential external efforts required to topple the Syrian regime". Stratfor. Global Intelligence, 15. december 2011,
Uge 51
Pepe Escobar: Playing chess in Eurasia. "... there's a never-ending thriller floating downstream: Pipelineistan. That's the chessboard where the half-hidden twin of the Pentagon's "long war" is played out". Asia Times Online, 22. december 2011,

Evan Braden Montgomery:Competitive Strategies against Continental Powers: The Geopolitics of Sino-Indian-American Relations, Journal of Strategic Studies, Vol. 36, 1, s. 76-100, online 5. februar 2013,